Kimberly Merchant

Research Associate

University of Iowa

Kimberly A. S. Merchant, MA is a Research Associate in the University of Iowa College of Public Health and Project Manager of the Rural Telehealth Research Center (RTRC). She has a background in research, reporting, program development, organizational management, and marketing. Over the course of her career, she has worked for Fortune 500 companies, been president of a Chamber of Commerce, published a sports and fitness magazine, and been an active civic volunteer. Since coming to the College of Public Health in 2008, she has facilitated worksite wellness group sessions, conducted certified cognitive functioning tests, written and designed newsletters and other publications, conducted a statewide eating disorders needs assessment, and been project coordinator for the RUPRI Center's Mission: Lifeline program evaluations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota for the American Heart Association. She was also project coordinator for several Iowa Department of Public Health healthcare workforce projects. She is currently involved in several telehealth evaluation projects through RTRC.

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