James Aiken, MD

Co-Director, EMS and Disaster Medicine

LSU Emergency Medicine

Dr. Aiken is an Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Public Health in the LSU Health Science Center, New Orleans. He served the New Orleans University Medical Center as the Medical Director for Emergency Preparedness for 14 years and is Co-Chair of the LSU Emergency Medicine Residency Program Division of Disaster Medicine

Dr. Aiken has 32 years of experience in healthcare disaster management. He represented the LSU System in drafting the original state grant for the US Health and Human Services Hospital Preparedness Program in 2002 and has represented his hospital to this Program since. He continues to provide medical direction for year round hospital and LSU Health Science Center disaster planning. Dr. Aiken has served as an advisor to the City of New Orleans for healthcare disaster planning for major special events including the first NFL Superbowl after the September 11, 2001 New York Trade Towers terrorist attack. He has been involved in subsequent city wide special events that New Orleans is known for such as Mardi Gras and other large scale festivals and sporting events.

Dr. Aiken served as Hospital Incident Command Liaison Officer for the Medical Center of Louisiana Hospital Incident Command staff during the 2005 hospital Hurricane Katrina response. His duties included coordinating the New Orleans Charity Hospital patient evacuation with the state Emergency Operations Center and other sources of support. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Aiken returned to New Orleans to represent LSU on the Greater Metropolitan Healthcare Task Force which was responsible for the strategic planning of and the immediate rebuilding of the healthcare infrastructure in the region. His duties included the opening of a community clinic, serving as the LSU liaison for the hospital ship, USN Comfort, and as the emergency medical services medical director for the LSU Elmwood Trauma Hospital Trauma Stabilization Unit.

Dr. Aiken served on the ACEP Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee for 7 years and remains active in the ACEP Section of Disaster Medicine. He has lectured on hospital based emergency management internationally. He was an author and served as an instructor for the Healthcare Leadership course at the FEMA Noble Training Center in Anniston, Alabama and remains active in local and national healthcare emergency preparedness activities.


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