Emre Gulturk

Director of Quality and Information Security Officer

Akili Interactive

Emre Gulturk is the Director of Quality & Information Security at Akili Interactive Labs in Boston, MA. Akili is a prescription digital medicine company and is creating digital neurological treatments engineered to directly improve cognitive deficits. Akili's treatments look and feel like high-end action video games but, unlike typical video games, they are designed with proprietary technology engineered to target cognitive deficits at the specific sources in the brain to improve cognitive function. Emre had significant contributions to FDA's Digital Health Software Precertification (Pre-Cert) Program via Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTx) which Akili is also a founder of. He previously worked in multiple Boston area medical device startups including the first propulsion powered bionic ankle for amputees, to establish Quality Management Systems from ground up.

He holds MSc. degree in Project Management and BSc. degree in Materials Engineering.


The American Telemedicine Association
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