Robert Darzynkiewicz, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Hazel Health

Robert Darzynkiewicz is the Chief Medical Officer of Hazel since its inception. A board certified Emergency Physician, Dr. Darzynkiewicz left a Pediatric Emergency directorship to lead an innovative medical practice in school-based telemedicine. Starting from one school in a pilot program, Dr. Darzynkiewicz has helped grow the Hazel practice that now includes 3 states and 11 school districts. Dr. Darzynkiewicz has worked with his providers to build guidelines on care and solidify trust with districts and families, and the team has seen and treated students in over 7,000 visits. A son of immigrants to the United States and former physician in the Bronx, who served a population that often struggled to get access to the right care, Dr. Darzynkiewicz believes that excellent education, starting from an early age and driven by high quality access to healthcare, is key to success. Working with technology and results-driven operational team, Dr. Darzynkiewicz hopes to maximize students’ success in school and life.

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