Sarah Orth

Telehealth Senior Program Manager

Seattle Children's Hospital

Sarah, telehealth senior program manager at Seattle Children’s, is passionate about putting patients and healthcare providers in charge of their care, how and when they want it. Telehealth will transform the way medicine is practiced at Seattle Children’s and is a key component of the Population Health and Digital Health strategic plans. Sarah collaborates with stakeholders to foster the growth of telehealth programs, ensuring alignment with the Digital health strategy and hospital mission and values.

Sarah has been working in health information technology for 10 years. Sarah previously worked at the University of Wisconsin Health System as the telehealth program manager. Additionally, her experience includes policy development and regulation of health information technology and electronic health information at an independent health regulatory agency, the Maryland Health Care Commission, as chief of Health Information Technology.

Sarah is an active participant in the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative, driving change to remove barriers for telehealth advancement. In collaboration with public and private stakeholders, Sarah developed policies, drafted language for State law and regulations for privacy, security, consumer adoption, and business practice related to telemedicine, clinical data sharing, and technology deployment throughout Maryland. Sarah holds a master's of arts degree.

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