Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D

Executive Director

Value Institute for Health & Care

Professor Elizabeth Teisberg serves as Executive Director of the Value Institute for Health and Care at UT Austin’s new Dell Medical School and the McCombs School of Business. Co-creator of the concept of value-based health care delivery, Prof Teisberg is best-known for writing Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results, which she co-authored with Harvard’s Prof. Michael E. Porter. Prof Teisberg works with organizations worldwide on the implementation of high value health care. Telehealth is a critical avenue to this transformation, enabling the state-of-the-art to reach all locations and creating relationship-based care for people in remote or sparsely populated places.

In addition to translational research on high-value health care, the Value Institute for Health and Care is creating a Master’s in the field of Health Care Transformation, offering executive education workshops focused on how to lead, implement and pay for high value health care, and rolling up their sleeves on strategy and outcome measurement for Dell Medical School’s health care services.

Prof Teisberg earned her Ph.D. in engineering at Stanford University. She previously served on the faculties of Dartmouth, UVA and Harvard, and worked on the President’s Council of Advisors for Science and Technology on the use of systems engineering in health care. She sees tremendous potential for telehealth technology to deepen relationships, rather than replace them. Value-based health care, she says, is inherently relationship-based care.

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